Thomas Shaw Bob Shaw's grandfather 1842-1908 pic
Mary Jane Hirst Shaw nee Pearson Bob Shaw's grandmother 1844-1920 pic
Herbert & Margaret's wedding !8th September 1912 at St John's Church, Huddersfield pic
The boys - brothers & brothers in law Back row, l to r: Ernest Beaumont 1870-1921, Wilfred Wrigley 1869-1940, Albert Eastwood 1873-1960. Front row l-r: George Tinker 1876-1936, Frederick Shaw 1866-1929, Charles Shaw 1871-1954, Herbert Shaw 1885-1948. pic
Herbert Shaw Bob's father, taken pre-1921 pic
Whittlesey & a bit of family history Shaws move to Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire pic
Bob's WW2 transcript A nearly-complete account of Bob Shaw's war pdf
Significant family dates  Significant dates in Bob & Rocky's lives pdf
Corporal Shaw of the Suffolk Regiment

Bob, drafted in Dec 1939, was asked what he wanted to join. He pointed to his flying lessons in the Civil Air Guard (he was due to go solo the day all civilian flying was banned, when the war started and all lessons cancelled) and asked to join the RAF. Good old British Army. RAF? Everyone asks for that. No chance. They drafted him into the Infantry (Suffolk Regiment). Promoted Lance Corporal within 5 weeks and then full Corporal. Lost a stripe due to "misdemeanour" (he never said what, despite Pete asking more than once). He saw a notice asking for volunteers for "Special Service" as a Glider Pilot and thought that might be a back door route into the RAF. The Suffolk's CO approved his application, Bob said probably because he'd had Shaw up in front of him on a charge weeks earlier, when he lost a stripe, and saw a good chance to get rid of him onto someone else. The busload of would-be pilots were wrongly delivered to No 1 Special Service Battalion (became No 1 Commando) training base, and Bob decided to stay after finding his OWN brother Bill (who had originally joined the Royal Artillery) in the same Company - fate, or what? Pic: Corporal Shaw of the Suffolk Regiment in 1940, age 21.

Private Shaw of No 1 Commando

 To join the Army Commandos, 15 Dec 1940, Bob had to accept cancellation of his remaining Lance Corporal's stripe and start as a Private again. He earned at least one back and got busted down again by a Captain Henderson - reason unknown again (Bob wouldn't say). Bob later applied for a vacant Lance Corporal's post to be told "I may be short of Lance Corporals in this Company, Shaw, but not so hard up as to consider YOU". But the same Captain gave him a stripe in July 1941 so as to allow him onto a Glencoe rockclimbing course. "You're next Private Shaw, outside with the tommy gun and git your photo took - on the double." Bob looking sharp during Commando street fighting training, at Dreghorn, near Irvine, Ayrshire, Summer 1941, age 22.

Sgt Shaw & Sgt Shaw

May 1943 brother Bill and Bob on leave from No 1 Commando in the garden of 28 Huntly Grove, Peterborough, both Sergeants, (Bob promoted whilst in Tunisia) Bob in casual dress, Rocky (see shadow) taking the picture. They were first to land in Tunisia, disguised as Americans, as the British weren't flavour of the month with the French after sinking their fleet. The landings were on 8 Nov 1942


Rocky & Bob at the back of 28 Huntly Grove, Peterborough in 1939, we think

Sgt Shaw

Bob in ordinary battledress blouse with Commando green beret. This picture probably taken whilst he was at Officer Training School.

Lt. Shaw

Bob as a 1st Lieutenant. Lt. Col Pugh says that after being promoted from the ranks, the Army nearly always made you change unit. Bob moved from his beloved No 1 Commando to No 4. He also moved from his underlying Regiment (the Suffolks) to the Northamptonshire Regiment, probably because the Suffolks did not have a vacancy on their strength for another Lieutenant. To give the Army Commandos less administration, every Commando remained a detached member of his previous Regiment, who were responsible for his pay. Each man wore his own underlying Regiment's badge on their famous Commando green beret. Bob's medal indication (I don't know the Army word) in this photo is the Africa Star.

David Shaw

Bob's youngest brother David (in UK), Ernie (in USA) in British Army uniform. Served in UK & Italy before joing the US military. 

After the war

l-r Bob, Rocky's sister Grace, unknown ex-Commando (from North Wales) Rocky, Sid (Grace's husband) at Butlin's Holiday Camp, Skegness, summer 1951

Pete Shaw

 November 1953, aged 5 1/2

Shaw Family

Complete Shaw family in 1955. Photo taken professionally in Bob & Rocky’s garden at 144 Broadway, Peterborough. Where I just put “son” or “daughter”, it means of Margaret Alice Shaw. Back row, left to right:

Charles Herbert Shaw (“Bill”)(son)(emigrated to OntarioCanada);

John Frederick Shaw (son);

George Robert Shaw (son)(“Bob”)(my Dad);

Dorothy Elizabeth Shaw (daughter)(“Betty”)

Thomas Arthur Shaw (son)(“Tom”);

Grace Beryl Pettit (nee Prince) (not a Shaw, Rocky Shaw's sister);

Sydney Pettit (Grace’s husband)(“Sid”);

Jean Mercey (Betty’s husband);

Ernest David Shaw (son)(“David” in UK, “Ernie” in USA)(emigrated to the USA);

Eric Moore (married to Peggy);

Middle row., left to right:

Marjorie Ethel Shaw (nee Prince)(“Rocky”)(my mother) and Bob's wife;

Sarah Ann Shaw (nee Floyd)(“Ann”)(John’s wife);

Margaret Alice Shaw (nee Stott);

Audrey Patricia Shaw (nee Crowson)(Tom’s wife);

Maud Prince (nee Tucker)(not a Shaw – Rocky's mother);

Margaret Mary Shaw (daughter) (“Peggy”);

Front row, left to right:

Julie Pettit      (not a Shaw)(Grace & Sid’’s daughter);

Charles Jean Mercey (son of Betty & Jean);

John Malcolm Shaw (son of Bob & Rocky);

Peter Robin Shaw (me)(“Pete”);

Richard Moore (son of Peggy & Eric);

David John Anthony Shaw (son of John Frederick Shaw)(emigrated to Australia);

Kathleen Moore (daughter of Peggy & Eric);

Robert Thomas Shaw (son of Tom & Audrey);

Margaret Christine Shaw (daughter of Bob & Rocky)

Pete's family

 20th Jan 1968: l-r: John, Pete, Marti's first husband, Marti, David, Rocky, Bob.

Three generations

Left to right: Pete, Bob and Alex Shaw at the Peterborough Mountaineering Club cottage, Oct 1992


Rocky in Tenerife


Rocky and Bob in Tenerife, unknown date.


Rocky and Bob, unknown date


Rocky with great grandson Jed


Mum and Dad's last Wedding Anniversary party together, their 58th, Saturday 18th December 1999. Mum passed away 12th May 2000.



left to right - Pete, Quayle, Marti, John and Amanda at the
wake/celebration of Bob's life in 2001