This is an exciting new band which is putting together sets of cajun and similar music


Pete Shaw - vocals, cajun accordeon, fiddle

Dean Hardy - vocals, guitar

Tim Clayton - fiddle

Jen Hardy - cajun triangle & rubboard

Contact detail: 01778 571563 


To book for the Festival, or for further information about it: 01843 604080 or

Pete Shaw will be running several workshops, and much of the material will be available here, in dots and sometimes with TAB, during and after the Festival.

Saturday 11 Aug - 2.30pm to 4pm - Crampton Museum - BEGINNER'S CAJUN FIDDLE workshop (come & join in the Cajun session tomorrow) (tune your fiddle down to FCGD beforehand, or we can do it for you if you prefer) - music is HERE

Sunday 12 Aug - 12 to 2pm - Concert Marquee Bar - CAJUN SESSION - intended to be in the keys of G & C - some music & chords available for loan at the session - come & play, listen or dance.

Monday 13 Aug - 2 to 4pm - Baptist Centre - SLOWDOWN ENGLISH TUNES workshop - music iHERE

Tuesday 14 Aug - 10 to 11.30am - Baptist Centre - SLOWDOWN IRISH TUNES workshop - music is HERE

Tuesday 14 Aug - 2.30 to 4pm - Crampton Museum - BEGINNER'S MELODEON workshop - music & melodeon TAB is HERE 

Thursday 16 Aug - 2.30 to 3.30pm - Crampton Museum - MUSIC OF JOHN CLARE workshop (ideal for fiddle. mandolin, tenor banjo & guitar) - words & music HERE 

Friday 17 Aug - 12.30 to 2.30pm - The George - playing in PAUL LUCAS' PLAYALONG SESSION

Contact Pete on 01778 571563 - if you leave a message, include your return phone & email address - (or 07946 758197 during Folk Week).

Traditional IRISH MUSIC sessions

(jigs, reels, etc)

- none planned at the moment

BOURNE & other Tune Book on this site:

2018 Bourne Tune Book is in preparation

For other Tune Books, click on the sub-menu on the left

Bourne Irish Tune Book

To download to view or print the music & index, click HERE


revised 10/06/18

The book contains a selection of mainly irish tunes.





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