Courtableau Cajun

A band from the flatlands (previously swamps) of Lincolnshire playing the music of the flatlands and swamps of Louisiana – what could be more right than that!

The Courtableau Cajun Band have been together for a while, playing at Broadstairs Folk Week in 2018 and scheduled for 2019, besides having appeared at the Fenland Americana and Blues event.

Pete Shaw – who was a member of the Harrison Shaw Cajun Band in the UK Cajun boom a few years back - plays Cajun accordion & vocals, and supplies vocals in French.

Dean Hardy has been a Country & Folk singer/guitarist for many years and took to the Cajun style of playing and singing instantly, as did Jen Hardy on Cajun triangle.

The youngster of the group, Tim Clayton, one of those lucky people who excels at everything musically that he turns his hand to, supplies the backing fiddle and inspiring fiddle solos.

Their music is foot-tappingly good. Cajun music is for dancing to, and you can tell from those infectious rhythms – two-steps, Cajun waltzes, and Cajun blues.

Contact the band on 01778 571563 or 01778 570115.