MUSIC LESSONS with Pete Shaw

I can give individual music lessons on:

- fiddle (violin)

- mandolin

- melodeon (an easy squeezebox )

- acoustic guitar (plectrum & finger style)

- electric guitar

- bass guitar

 - tenor banjo (the 4 string one)

- ukulele

- bass ukulele

in Haconby village, near Bourne, Lincs.

I teach all ages (have had from 7 to 70's) - absolute beginners to intermediates, adults or children.

I don't teach Grades and you can progress at your speed.

You can learn the useful skill of reading music easily at the same time if you want, for melody instruments,

or chords for guitar & uke. Or I can teach you to play by ear.

- 01778 571563 or email me at pete AT for more details

If you need music lessons somewhere else, or on something else, try