These are cracking evenings of traditional music - mainly english polkas, jigs, reels, hornpipes and waltzes, played on acoustic-only instruments, typically fiddles, melodeons, guitars, flutes, bodhrans and even the odd hammered dulcimer (and they are very odd).

Besides english tunes, you might hear a few irish, american, scots, swedish and french-canadian creep in from time to time. There's not usually any singing - that happens in the pub on different nights - see the footnote.

The Tune Sessions (& the singing ones) happen in the Bar of the Hare & Hounds pub, 2 West Road, Main St, Haconby, Bourne, Lincs, PE10 0UZ. The pub is easy to find, in the village of Haconby, 1/4 mile off the A15, 3 miles north of Bourne.

Admission is free, so come to enjoy a drink and listen to the Tune Session music, provided by Pete Shaw & friends. The Landlords are the very welcoming Derek & Mary Holmes and there's usually two hand-pulled beers and a range of others.

The pub's Restaurant, Bar & Snug are open for meals 6pm to 8pm (you can book on 01778 570521) and we aim to start the music around 8pm, or slightly later if the diners in the Bar are slow finishing their dinners. The music finishes not later than the dot of 11pm, so you can stay till the end and it's over late.

More details: Pete Shaw on 01778 571563 or email pete AT - you can ask to go on the email reminder list - or just turn up.

If you're a guitarist or music reader, some chords & music are available in advance - email or ring Pete as above

To remind you of the dates - the 3rd Mondays of every month: 

20 Aug, 17 Sep, 15 Oct, 19 Nov, 17 Dec, 21 Jan, etc. Why not come along to the next one?

If you roll up and the car park is full, just park on the road in that case.

Aug 2015 Percy Brown's Polka / La Roulante pdf mp3
Sep 2015 McKechnie's Farewell / Spanish Cloak / Sonny's Mazurka pdf mp3
Oct 2015 William Taylor's Table Top Hornpipe / Sharon's Waltz pdf mp3
Nov 2015 Buttermilk / Coleford Jig / The Villagers / By Summers pdf mp3
Dec 2015 Patrick Bouffard's Waltz / Flatworld / Farewell Marian pdf mp3
Jan 2016 Burning Bridges / Whose Jig pdf mp3
Feb 2016 The Kelso Fiddle & Accordion Club / Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine pdf mp3
Mar 2016 Merrily Kissed the Quaker / Kathleen Hehir's Slide  pdf  mp3
Jul 2016 Prince of Cabourg pdf  mp3 
Aug 2016 Lament for a Country House Dance  pdf mp3
Oct 2016 Squirrel in the Tree / The Belle of the Ball pdf  mp3
Jan 2017 A Quarter to May / Adieu les filles de mon pays pdf mp3 
 Feb 2017  Avon Jig / The Railway  pdf  mp3
 Mar 2017  The Promenade  pdf  mp3
 Apr 2017  Falcarragh Hornpipe / John Black  pdf  mp3
 May 2017  The Spinney Waltz / Archie's Fancy  pdf  mp3
 Jun 2017  Off She Goes (with C music) / Oyster Girl (simplified)  pdf  mp3
 Jul 2017  James & Marianne's Waltz / Old Morpeth Rant / Morpeth Rant  pdf  mp3
 Sep 2017  Mazurka Moussaka / Brezon Waltz  pdf mp3 
 Nov 2017  Old Lango Lee / Starry Night for a Ramble / Woodland Flowers  pdf  mp3


There are also two separate and different song evenings in the same pub each month. The 'Open Mike', with PA equipment, is run by Nick Gomm 07785-515343 every 1st Sunday. The 'Haconby Unplugged' folk singaround is run by Jan Limback 01778 425422 every 2nd Sunday in the month.

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