BROADSTAIRS FOLK WEEK 2016 - "new to you" session tunes

1 Battle of Prague / Ashley's Ride polkas 2 parts   pdf   mp3  mp3 mp3
2 Sadler's Balloon / Archer's Dance jigs 2 parts   pdf   mp3  mp3 mp3
3 Sussex Waltz / French Assembly waltzes    pdf   mp3     
4 Silverton Polka polka    pdf   mp3     
5 Sheringham Breakdown / May Reel (straight) stephops    pdf   mp3     
5a Sheringham Breakdown / May Reel (dotted) stephops    pdf   mp3     
6 Burning Bridges / Whose Jig jigs    pdf   mp3     
7 Lament for the Country House Dance waltz 2 parts   pdf  mp3  mp3   mp3 
8 Little Polly / Double Figure Eight / Fal lal la polkas   pdf mp3     
9 Humours of Tullycrine / Mickey Callaghan's Fancy hornpipes   pdf mp3    
10 La Chapka Mazurka / Rope Waltz waltzes   pdf mp3    
11 Louth Quickstep / Lincolnshire Polka / Market Rasen Quickstep polkas   pdf mp3    
12 Prince of Cabourg hornpipe   pdf mp3    
13 Century Jig / Shaun's Jig / Cucumber Camper jigs   pdf mp3    
14 Kelso Fiddle & Accordion Club / Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine marches   pdf mp3    
15 Perfect Cure / Father O'Flynn jigs 2 parts  pdf mp3 mp3 mp3
16 East Boldon Jig / The Bell jigs   pdf mp3    
17 Sharon's Waltz / Julia Gates' Waltz waltzes   pdf mp3    
18 Coleraine / Indian Point jigs   pdf mp3    
19 Far Away / Hop Break waltz / jig   pdf mp3    
  Download all at once     pdf      

"Better" chords?

Michael Turner's Waltz pdf
Three around Three pdf


DADGAD chords  pdf