What's on in Peterborough, south Lincolnshire, north Cambridgeshire, east Northamptonshire, west Norfolk & even east Nottinghamshire & Rutland? Check out the 

Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary      regularly

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Find out what music & dance events are happening locally, or publicise your event. The Peterborough & South Lincs Folk Diary is a community facility - free to use and to appear in. Please tell people about it and help support live music. Please be sure to tell the venue organisers you are there because you saw them here. 

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SONG: folk clubs, open mics, singarounds & concerts IN RED,  MUSIC: sessions IN GREEN,   DANCING (social): ceilidhs, barn dances, scottish, irish set, french dancing & Playford IN BLUE,  DANCING (team): morris, clog, longsword, rapper sword, molly & appalachian displays to watch, or learning sessions - IN BROWN,FESTIVALS & other IN BLACK

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