MELODEON (a button keyed accordeon)

Right hand buttons pdf  Example of melodeon TAB mp3 1 row melodeon in C pdf
Left hand buttons pdf  M  
Taking the 3rds out pdf        
I have music notation   melodeon TAB,    & and mp3s for 107 pieces  
Bear Dance    Athol Highlanders   Chinese Breakdown  
Bluebells of Scotland  Brian Boru's March   Davy Davy Knick Knack
Bonny Kate  Burning Bridges   Golden Slippers
Buttered Peas  Capt Lanoe's Quick March   Goodbye girls, I'm going to Boston
Buttermilk       My love's but a lassie yet  
Crosshand Polka  Cucumber Camper   Redwing
Curlyheaded Ploughboy  Fiery Clockface Soldier's Joy
Donkey Riding  Hogmanay Jig    Speed the Plough
Dorset Four Hand Reel  Irish Washerwoman    
Egan's Polka  Lady in the Boat - low    HORNPIPES & STEPHOPS
Fanny Frail  Lady in the Boat - high     Boys of Bluehill
Harper's Frolic  Lass o' Dallowgill     Harvest Home 
Huntsman's Chorus  Lincolnshire Poacher - in D    Keel Row
Jenny Lind  Lincolnshire Poacher - in G     
Jimmy Allen Oyster Girl, The    Nae good luck
Lord of the Dance Off She Goes   Navvie on the Line
Maggie in the Wood   Plane Tree, The    Steamboat, The
Marie's Wedding  Rakes of Kildare    
Over the Hills  Rogue's March   WALTZES & MAZURKAS
Portsmouth    Roman Wall    Cajun Waltz  
   Rosin the Beau   Eleanor Plunkett  
Rakes of Mallow Seven Stars     Fanny Power  
Rattling Bog  Stool of Repentance   Happy Birthday  
Salmon Tails Up the River     White Swan Jig     Julia Gates' Waltz  
 Shave the Donkey      La Marianne
 Spanish Ladies       L'inconnu de Limoise  
Theme Vannetaise SLIPJIGS    Man in the Moon, The  
 Uncle Bernard's  Old wife of Coverdale    Margaret's Waltz  
 Walter Bulwer's No 2       Michael Turner's Waltz  
 Will's Way        Planxty Irwin  
  Winster Galop     CHRISTMAS    Sheebeg and Sheemore  
 Wooden Heart   Away in a manger 3/4    South Wind  
    Ding dong merrily on high 4/4   Varsoviana  
 MORRIS TUNES   God rest ye merry gentlemen 4/4    Zodiac Waltz  
 Milley's Bequest   Good King Wenceslas 4/4      
 Balance the Straw    O little town of Bethlehem 4/4      
 Constant Billy     Silent Night 3/4   MISCELLANEOUS  
  Upton Stick Dance   We three Kings 3/4   Hal an tow  
 Shepherd's Hey   We wish you a merry Christmas 3/4   Whittlesea Straw Bear tune - low  
 Princess Royal    While shepherds watched 4/4    Whittlesea Straw Bear tune - high  
 Vandalls of Hammerwich          
Monck's March          
Willow Tree