When I teach songs and how to play them to students, particularly Guitar & Ukulele students, I like to cover songs they already know, and ask them to bring a 'wish list' of 10 to 20 songs they would like to do.

Even the youngest ones tend to have an iPod or some CDs they like listening to. Some of the kids go for the material they hear their Mum or Dad listening to, others because they want to play them with their mates at school. Adults choose particular songs for various reasons - they may really like a particular singer, or whatever.

Over the past 3 years, when I have worked out the chords for a particular song, I have kept it and made a note on my "Songs taught to date" list, which I add to regularly - now over 2,000 titles.

If you come to learn songs, you can choose anything you like, whether it is on the list or not. However, if you choose some from the list, it saves time, as I'll have already worked the chords out for you, and typed them up with the words.

New songs are added to the list regularly - the last update date is printed on the bottom corner & the total number printed at the end.

To look at the current list, or print or save it, click

HERE     for the list in alphabetical order of Artiste, or

HERE      for alphabetical order of song Title